I’m Cali Luca, a woman who’s deliciously alive and who lives to create memorable moments. I choose to spend time with men like you: men who are self-aware, who are accomplished, and who are ready for life’s next adventure.

I am an unabashed hedonist who revels in exploring the nooks and crannies of pleasure. That pursuit encompasses the physical, intellectual, and spiritual, and is tempered by my vibrant sense of humor and compassionate warmth.

I appreciate kindness, wit, and generosity. I like to think that I possess all three traits, which I use to move among a variety of worlds: business and social gatherings, sporting events, art and theater, and fine dining. You’ll find that I’m a charming companion in public and a free spirit in private.

I’ve travelled the world over, and have discovered many special places on this beautiful planet. Along the way, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for people and cultures around the globe. Perhaps we can travel to some of my favorite spots – or you can show me yours.

When I’m not working, I can be found reading near an open window with cicadas chirping in the background, sailing on a breezy day that’s chased away the clouds, or concocting a four-course gourmet meal with friends.

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About me

I’m a study in contrasts. I'm both an incurable romantic and a clear-eyed realist. My heart is content when my fingers lace through yours and we stroll down the beach at sunset, or when we’re astride mountain bikes, flying downhill at breakneck speeds. I delight in adventure, my passport always close at hand, yet enjoy cocooning in my apartment after preparing a gourmet meal for friends.

I am comfortable both taking the lead and following along. I can book a weekend getaway off the beaten path designed to entice and excite you, or accompany you to a business dinner celebrating the close of a major deal. Wherever we are – at a gallery opening, a baseball game, or my apartment – you can be sure that my compassion, intelligence, and gentle humor will be on display.

I’m both curious and knowing. When we’re alone, I yearn to dive into the rhythm of your thoughts, dreams, and wildest fantasies. I’m fundamentally non-judgmental, and welcome learning your delicious secrets or drawing out delightful tidbits of information. Yet when we’re out and about, I can fluently discuss pop culture, sports, politics and business.

If a scientist had come upon me in a rain forest, he might have dubbed me “Americana Exotica.” My smooth tawny skin, almond shaped eyes, and thick dark hair give rise to my sensuality, style, and grace. Moving through the world with ease allows me to create sweet moments of candor and laughter fueled by the desire to live life in the moment.

My passion lies in creating moments to remember. The smoothness of lacy lingerie on my skin. The popping of champagne bubbles on my tongue. The melodic sound of you whispering in my ear. My philosophy is that each day presents an opportunity to connect, to create an unforgettable experience, and to do as we please.


With Much Consideration...

As a companion, I require compensation for my time.  What this means is that our time together will be absent of problems.  This is important to me and for you too.  My rate is $200/ Half Hour. Or  $250/1hr. 

Thank you.

Love, Cali


About you

I’m glad you found me.

I’ll happily tell you all about me, but let’s start by talking about you. You’re a gentleman who is self-aware and accomplished. You understand your yearnings and desires, and they have brought you to me. Perhaps you simply want to step outside of life’s drama. Maybe you seek to discover more of the world and partake in its pleasures. It could be that you crave experiences without attachments or responsibility. Whatever is missing – companionship, excitement, or affection – you are here to find it.

It’s not for me to ask why. It’s my desire to take this moment and create something more. The person I choose to spend time with in some sense want it all. They have a sophisticated worldview, impeccable taste, and a keen intellect. A physical connection is part of the equation, but they know that intellectual and emotional connections make the physical that much sweeter.

My philosophy is that we should carve out the time and space to indulge our hedonism. We should yield to our passions, abandon our inhibitions, and luxuriate in the moments we create. If you value connection, exclusivity, and discretion, it’s time to take the next step. Let's get in touch.


Verification Method

You know that you’re a gentleman, but we haven’t yet met. To assure that our time together is as comfortable as possible, I have a straightforward, non-negotiable screening process. While it may feel intimidating, I am absolutely discreet.

Two Screening Options

In order to for us to meet, you can send me a message. Include your full legal name, your employment information, your work email address, and your listed work phone number. Once I’ve verified your identity and ensured my safety, we can spend time together. After our first meeting, I’ll promptly erase your employment verification information.

If you’d prefer, you can instead send me a message that includes the names, websites, and email addresses of two or three recent references who can vouch for your gentlemanly behavior.

Forever Discreet

You can always rely on my discretion – before, during, and after our time together. Our friendship is precious to me, and I will readily accommodate your privacy needs. That may mean travelling separately to a secluded retreat, dining á deux on a private balcony, or even signing a non-disclosure agreement. You can be assured that my demeanor and wardrobe can seamlessly blend in to any situation or event.

I protect you with my commitment to discretion, and I ask that you do the same for me. If you should discover intimate details about my life, please keep them between us. It’s important that our time together be based on mutual discretion and respect.

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